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Hi Eric,
I haven’t seen a response to the list, so I’m going to assume no one has responded.  We didn’t have a registration system, so we don’t have a formal record of who attended.  If you chatted in the YouTube session when it was live, there would be a record there.  Otherwise, I would suggest you make a list of the sessions you attended.  If you just need a receipt for your donation, you should email the QGIS team.


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Hi all-

I attended the 2002 QGIS north america users conference back in July. I am being asked by my job for proof that I attended the conference. Even though the conference was free, I gave a donation to QGIS.org.

After looking through my email accounts I can't find any other documentation of registration, payment, etc.  Does anyone know who I could get in contact with in order to get some documentation?

Thank you for any information,

Erich Purpur
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