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Abdul Raheem Siddiqui abdulraheemsiddiqui at gmail.com
Sat Jul 3 08:24:21 PDT 2021

I am pleased to share with the fellow QGIS users that I have released a
QGIS plugin that allows users to: *Get Curve Number, Soil, Land Cover, and
Impervious Surface Data for Any Area in the CONUS - In less than 5 minutes.*

🗺️ 🌐 One of the first steps in many hydrologic modeling projects is to
get data for the project's area, and it isn't fun if just the process of
downloading basic data like land-use/land-cover takes up half of your day.
If you need approximate CNs as well, then you have to either find out the
availability of such data or perform multiple geospatial processes to
create your own CN dataset.

Realizing the need for a tool to do this job, I started working on a GIS
Model in 2019. In 2020 it evolved into a full-fledged QGIS python Plugin;
last month, I released its version 1.2.

The plugin is called Curve Number Generator and can be downloaded from the
QGIS official plugin repository inside QGIS. It can generate a Curve Number
layer for the given Area of Interest within the contiguous United States.
It can also download Soil, Land Cover, and Impervious Surface datasets for
the same area.

See the tutorial video below, and if you happen to use it, I would love
your feedback.



Abdul Raheem Siddiqui
abdulraheemsiddiqui at gmail.com | +1 206 693 9567

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