[Qgis-user] QGIS Changelog maintenance for 3.18 release

Charles Dixon-Paver charles at kartoza.com
Sun Jan 10 03:46:04 PST 2021

Happy new year to the QGIS community!

The QGIS 3.18 release is a little over a month away, and with all the drama
and festivities of 2020, I haven't been as diligent as I would usually like
with keeping up the maintenance of the QGIS changelog.

As such, I would like to put out another request to those of you who are
interested in assisting with editing to get involved.

Fortunately, after the incredibly feature filled releases of 3.14 and 3.16,
our job isn't quite as difficult this time around and there's still time to
get on top of it.

You can review the current changelog at

Be sure to sign up on the site and contact myself or Tim Sutton to get
editing rights.

@Richard cc @Marios we missed the opportunity to include the wonderful
changelog video Marios created in the changelog page last time, but I think
it would be great to include it this time around. I'm not sure of the best
way to include/ deploy it, but if it's a feature request we need to make
for the platform, we *might* be able to squeeze it in before release time...

Warm regards
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