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Per-Ove and list,

On Sun, Jan 10, 2021 at 12:37 PM Per-Ove Persson <perovelpersson at gmail.com>

> Hi !
> I am very new user of QGIS. And now have I run into difficulties.
> Use the QGIS version 3.10.10
> I try to combine two layers in order to receive agriculture area per
> different municipalities
> It seams that I do something wrong because I am not able to do that.
> Do somebody have any nice and clever solution in order to solve this I
> would be grateful

You don't give us much information to help you out, Per-Ove.  We don't even
know if your layers are raster or vector.

Assuming they are vector, have you reviewed any relevant training
materials, such as:


Are you sure their geometries are clean?  You can check them with

Vector > Geometry Tools > Check Validity

Assuming they are clean, it sounds to me as though you want to do a "union"
operation, but it might be something else.  You could review the link I
mentioned above and see if that suits your needs.  Or maybe you're trying
to do some kind of geometric query.  It's hard to tell from your email.

If you get this far and receive an error message, it would be good if you
can attach that to your question.

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