[Qgis-user] Symbol lines every km, moving when changing scale or moving map

Prud'homme Jérémie p.jeremie at gmail.com
Tue Jan 12 12:33:09 PST 2021


I'm using QGIS 3.10.

I tried to use only symbology to display a stroke every km along a road.
The project CRS is 2154 (Lambert 93).

When adding a ""symbol line" with an interval of 1000 map units (meter for
2154) – or 1000 meters at scale, same result – I achieve to display symbols
every km.

Problem is when I move the map or change scale, the symbols do not always
stay in place. They are sometimes misplaced.

I've been told that problem can be that the first node of the line is not
always the reference to calculate the intervals.

You can find a GIF here that displays my problem :

Circles are symbols via Symbology.
Strokes are symbos on points generated vith the tool "Points along

You can see that circles are not always at the same place as the strokes.

Is it a "normal" behavior ?
Anyway as a user I would expect that symbols are always generated at the
same place from the starting node.

Thanks for your enlightments on this.

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