[Qgis-user] Fwd: GDAL2tiles in local crs in QGIS

Marco Bernasocchi marco at opengis.ch
Thu Jan 14 01:07:02 PST 2021

Hi all,
just a short/probably stupid question that I'm loosing way too much time on
already :)

is there a way to have gdal2tiles create tiles in a local crs (for example
EPSG:2056) and load them into QGIS?
I'm doing
gdal2tiles.py --profile=raster --zoom=0-5 --s_srs=EPSG:2056
CH_over_2000_lv95.tif test_tiles

and it looks like the resulting tilemapresource.xml and the openlayers
example are correct, but loading them in QGIS using


I get a wrong placement (crs of the tiles is set to 3857, which is
"workaroundable") and wrong tiles alignment (looks like 0,0 top left vs 0,0
bottom left).

I know the TMS "standard" is old but it would still be nice to be able to
quickly take a tiff, chop it up in tiles and use it in QGIS. And using
--xyz parameter results in correct tiles but in 3857

Am I doing something stupidly wrong :) ? or is WMTS really the only way to
have tiles in local crs?


Marco Bernasocchi
QGIS.org Chair

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