[Qgis-user] Import .laz file in Qgis

Gereon Bargeman - Kien Ontwerp gereon at kienontwerp.nl
Wed Jan 20 00:38:20 PST 2021

Dear Qgis users,

I work with Qgis 3.10.11-A Coruña. I want to import an .laz file and export is as an dxf file (3D) that I will use in Vectorworks.

I tried to import it or connect it to an new layer, but it does not work. I get the message (in Dutch): Ongeldige Data: /Users/gereon/Downloads/26gn2.laz is geen geldige of herkende databron. (In English: ...is not a valid or recognized data source)

Is there anybody who can explain to me if it is possible to ‘import’ an .laz file and how I can import it?

Kind regards

Gereon Bargeman
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