[Qgis-user] saving all temporary layers?

Michael Dufty MDufty at mbsenvironmental.com.au
Thu Jan 21 21:13:42 PST 2021

Not exactly what you are asking for, so it may not suit, but I find the “memory layer saver” plugin invaluable.
When using this memory layers are not lost when you close QGIS

The plugin description says
“Makes layers with memory data providers persistent
so that they are restored when a project is closed and reopened.
The memory provider data is saved in a portable binary format (QDataStream)
that is saved with extension .mldata alongside the project file.”

I’m not sure if the .mldata file is useful as an export format.

It also does not seem to work with temporary raster files.

You can drag and drop memory layers from one QGIS instance to another (at least in 3.16).  They will then persist separately in both QGIS files if you have the memory layer saver plugin installed.

Michael Dufty

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Before I write my own, does anyone have a script to share (processing or otherwise) that saves all temporary layers in a project, preferably to a geopackage?
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