[Qgis-user] How do I achieve this symbol effect?

Charles Dixon-Paver charles at kartoza.com
Sun Jan 24 08:34:36 PST 2021

I can think of 2 easy ways to do this (if I understand the requirements
correctly), using either rule based rendering, or the geometry generator on
with stacked symbols. I imagine rule based rendering might be more
performant in some situations depending on the queries used, but for our
use case I feel either would be appropriate.


I set up a demo project with example styles in sample.gpkg:


SHA256: B5D8A1F663E18AAA106030B3D979BAD5B1D76279376A9B3290C1A180466DC605

I hope this answers your question


On Sun, 24 Jan 2021 at 17:55, David Strip <qgis-user at stripfamily.net> wrote:

> To highlight a specific polygon I'm using the drawing effects to translate
> and drop shadow as the styling for a single polygon in the layer by using
> categorized symbology.
> So far, so good. But what I really want is this, where the place the
> original polygon is cut from is filled in like the rest of the layer.
> I did this by duplicating the polygon and coloring it to match. My
> question is whether this can be achieved without duplicating the polygon.
> If I add a "source" layer after the drop shadow the region is filled, but
> in purple, because that's the color for that category.
> Is there anything else to try to get the region filled in the default
> color that doesn't involve creating a duplicate polygon?
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