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 Hi Krishna,
In the Aggregate tool in the Vector Geometry folder in the Processing Toolbox.Set the 'Group by expression' to "PolygonName" and "Field1" to 'concatenate'.It will not do exactly what you are asking for, but it will combine the contents of "Field1" into a single field separated by the 'delimiter'.You can adjust the details for how the data are grouped. For example if your "Field1" has commas in it, you may want to use something else like a semicolon.The advantage of using this tool is that it is more flexible, for example what if some polygons only have 1 or what if a polygon has 3 or more occurrences? 
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I have a polygons shapefile as shown below.

[image: image.png]

Is it possible to dissolve these polygons and get a resultant shapefile
with an attribute table such as below?i.e. it should have only one
polygonName and all of its associated fields.

PolygonName Field1 Field2
A 1 2
B 3 4
C 5 6
D 7 8
E 9 10
F 11 12
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