[Qgis-user] All possible routes between two points in a line network

Nicolas Cadieux njacadieux.gitlab at gmail.com
Wed Jan 27 09:16:26 PST 2021


NetworkX has something like this.


"Generate all simple paths in the graph G from source to target. A 
simple path is a path with no repeated nodes."  I'am not sure you get 
multiple path is a node is common to other possible paths...

Not exactly a "find the dead ends" algorithm but may be close! :)


On 2021-01-27 11:05 a.m., Richard Duivenvoorde wrote:
> On 1/27/21 4:44 PM, Prof. Dr. Martin Berchtold wrote:
>> Hello list,
>> is there any possibility to calculate all possible routes between two points in a line network (and not the shortest or fastest one) and draw them into a line layer? In addition, it would be helpful if each route line contained the number of “collected” nodes as an attribute. Any idea?
> Hi Martin,
> But... if you want to show ALL possible routes: would that not then be ALL the lines in your network? Except the dead ends?
> Or do you mean all routes that the (Dijkstra? algorithm) took into account?
> (OR.. I miss some insight or infor :-) )
> Regards,
> Richard Duivenvoorde
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Nicolas Cadieux

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