[Qgis-user] Easiest way to get get feature field values from one layer to be able to copy to another layer

Cory Albrecht maps at hanfastolfe.com
Sat Jan 30 16:53:24 PST 2021


I am looking for a way to select an arbitrary number features in one layer
and then copy the values of their id fields into fields of an arbitrary
feature in a second layer.

For example, I have one layer which is the polygons for countries with the
field *feathure_uuid*, and a second layer that has the border lines between
the countries with two fields *north_east_feature* and *south_west_feature*.
I'd like to be able to select the two country features on the opposite
sides of the border line and have *countries.feature_uuid* for each one
placed into borders.*north_east_feature* and border.*south_west_feature*.

Do I have to finally bite the bullet and learn python to do this, or is
there some combination of existing tools I can use to do it instead?
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