[Qgis-user] gdal merge

Berndt, Christian cberndt at geomar.de
Sun Jan 31 12:18:15 PST 2021


I would like to merge three overlying raster files (highest resolution 
on top).

I have looked for online documentation and found a very suitable
description here: 

Unfortunately, when I open gdal - miscellaneous - merge on my Mac 
10.15.7 with qgis 3.16.3
I do not see the options: interpolation, overlapping cells, and cell 
size as in the documentation page.

Do I use the wrong processing tool, is there a version conflict, do I 
have to install a different gdal
version, is this an obsolete documentation, or is this a Mac / PC problem?

Of course I would also be happy to find out other options for merging 
the grids.

Best regards,

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