[OSGeo-qc] Nomination of Daniel Morissette for OSGeo Board Election 2010

Thierry Badard Thierry.Badard at scg.ulaval.ca
Jeu 12 Aou 00:03:58 EDT 2010


I am proud to nominate Daniel Morissette for the OSGeo Board election 2010.

Daniel is one of the early pioneers in the geospatial free and open 
source domain. He has been involved in the OSGeo Foundation since its 
inception. He is one of the main contributors of the MapServer project 
(for that he is often called the "Mother" of MapServer ;-) ) and he is a 
member of the GDAL/OGR Project Steering Committee (PSC). Due to his 
significant contribution to the advancement of open source ideals in the 
geospatial realm, he was awarded the Sol Katz Award in 2009. Daniel is 
also very active at a more local level. He is one of the co-founding 
members of the OSGeo Quebec local chapter and has recently chaired the 
organisation committee of the first and successful edition of the 
Rendez-vous OSGeo-Quebec (see http://rendez-vous-osgeo-qc.org/2010/). 
His addition to the board could thus be very valuable as he knows very 
well how local chapters work, the problems local users are facing in the 
adoption of geospatial open source technologies (including the cultural, 
linguistic and local peculiarities) and how local chapters can 
contribute to the achievement of the OSGeo Foundation mission.

Daniel is also one of the most patient people I know. He is always open 
to new ideas or points of view, but he also knows how to federate 
energies to carry out ambitious and difficult project. It is an actual 
pleasure to work with him. It is a man of passion and he knows how to 
share his passion of geospatial open source technologies with everyone.

It makes no doubt to me that he is committed to OSGeo's mission and he 
would be a very valuable addition to the OSGeo board.

Best regards,


Prof. Thierry Badard, Ph.D.

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