[Ráfaga]Nº808: Mapping festival, population, cities, autonomous vehicles

Isaac Besora i Vilardaga isaac.besora at gmail.com
Sun Feb 18 23:04:44 PST 2018

19 Feb 2018 by Raf

   - Popular festival to create a mapping discussion and meeting point, in
   Montmorillon from April 26 to 29, 2018
   - Open source map of the European population distribution done with R
   from official data
   - Geovisualization platform for the interactive exploration of the
   social composition of cities during 24-hour periods, takes into account how
   people move throughout the day
   - Uber's visualization team, which is responsible of exploration,
   inspection, debugging and exposure of data, improves how autonomous
   vehicles interpret and perceive the world around them
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