[Ráfaga]Nº973: optimization, population, geology, age

Jorge Sanz jsanz at carto.com
Fri Nov 2 11:30:18 PDT 2018

Nº973: optimization, population, geology, age

Tue, 30 Oct 2018 by Raf

   - `vt-optimizer` is a tool that helps inspecting, simplifying and
   optimizing Vector Tiles and mbtiles file having the json style that will be
   used into account, by @ibesora <https://twitter.com/ibesora>
   - World 3D population map, using 2015 data, that allows also to
   visualize changes between 1990 and 2015, and allows to comapare with 1975
   data, along with documentation and explanations
   - Geology of the Camp Nou, the Barça stadium, explained through the
   almost 60 probes made up to 60 meters deep

   - Map of the average age of the Dutch people at municipal level,
   combining figures to draw the geometry and color for the distribution

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