[Ráfaga]Nº984: casualties, locations, detections, music

Jorge Sanz jsanz at carto.com
Wed Nov 14 07:38:53 PST 2018

Nº984: casualties, locations, detections, music

Wed, 14 Nov 2018 by Raf

   - "A Street Near You" is an interactive map of First World War
   casualties collected from the half million registries gathered at official

   - The locations of the Baraka and Samsara films, for those that love
   great natural sceneries via @sfggeogis <https://twitter.com/sfggeogis>
   - Deep learn and human experience to detect objects from aerial images
   using differently specialized detectors, now as an open beta
   - A vintage map that represents a journey around the USA through song
   titles converted into place names, along with a 60 hours Spotify playlist

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