[Ráfaga]Nº989: novices, bikes, travel, temperatures

Jorge Sanz jsanz at carto.com
Wed Nov 21 04:08:04 PST 2018

Nº989: novices, bikes, travel, temperatures

Wed, 21 Nov 2018 by Raf

   - Some advice on basic programming skills for novice cartographers that
   wants to take the step forward from traditional map making into interactive
   web mapping

   - A collaboration platform to gather and visualize quantitative data
   about bike parking in Barcelona is organizing a data collecting session
   this November 24th

   - A personal website project to prepare and document your trips focused
   on travelers that want to register, share, and search for destination tips
   and thoughts

   - Visualizing 12TB of weather data on a temperature map at 1950, 2017
   and the 2100 forecast to highlight climate change


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