[Ráfaga]Nº930 - Summer issue #3

Jorge Sanz jsanz at carto.com
Tue Sep 11 04:40:51 PDT 2018

Nº930: radical, water, first nations, land value, stonehenge, polution,
lego, hexgrid, islands, buildings

Fri, 31 Aug 2018 by Raf

   - The Radical Cartography Atlas is a collection of maps and essays
   around globalization social topics, inherently political, now available
   also as printed book
   - 2015 data and maps about USA water consumption, by main sectors
   - Map of Canadian First Nations
   - 2018 report on Latinamerica land value is ready
   - Interactive map of all artifacts found around the Stonehenge location
   - Formaldehyde pollution over India makes their sky really different
   from imagery data
   - A very simple recipe on how to create QGIS Lego-like maps
   - Uber explains on a technical post their new open source hexagonal
   hierarchical grid system
   - All bigger than 5 km2 Great Britain islands reordered by area
   - Microsoft open releases more than 124 million building footprints,
   produced using deep learning and artificial intelligence techniques


Note from Jorge: Back from summer holidays, I’ll try to catch up with Raf’s
issues as fast as I can, bear with me ^_^

Raf (70)
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