[Ráfaga]Nº945: climate, harvest, oceans, morphology

Jorge Sanz jsanz at carto.com
Tue Sep 25 03:24:52 PDT 2018

Nº945: climate, harvest, oceans, morphology

Thu, 20 Sep 2018 by Raf

   - According to an emissions model, how the weather will look like in
   - How the harvest and crops diversity has been reduced in the USA since
   the nineties
   - Inverted world map where oceans are at the center and the main topic
   of the map, made in 1942 as a combination of two projections
   - Exploring urban morphology of more than a million cities, villages and
   town around the planet using deep learning and OSM data (
   https://arxiv.org/pdf/1709.02939.pdf) via @realivansanchez

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