[Ráfaga]Nº1150: serbia, indonesia, africa, migrants, bnsf, icebergs, walmart, tips

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Nº1150: serbia, indonesia, africa, migrants, bnsf, icebergs, walmart, tips

Fri, 09 Aug 2019 by Raf

* A point, ten lives: a map shows Serbian deaths at the WWII by ethnic group


* This map shows the different ethnic groups in Indonesia according to
2010 census


* Mapping Africa, how communities that contribute to OSM help to the
social development of their countries


* The cartography of unaccompanied minors migrating to Europe, their
origin, and how countries are protecting them


* USA railroad company BNSF is also one of the largest landholding
companies in the country, and they are starting to digitize their vast
map collection


* The animated motion of the Antarctic icebergs between 2000 and 2019
highlights the Coriolis effect


* Walmart is the largest USA private employer in 21 states, with 1.5
million workers


* Some basic tips to produce recreational maps with ArcGIS Maps for Adobe CC



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