[Ráfaga]Nº1051: children, vr, printing, point cloud, design, deep learning

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Fri Mar 8 00:15:34 PST 2019

N°1051: children, vr, printing, point cloud, design, deep learning

by Raf

The young population of Barcelona city is shrinking: gentrification is pushing out them at the center and Sagrada Familia districts 

Creating a simple VR mobile application to display place names on top of your Android camera using Cesium 

How to export CARTO maps for custom printing and high resolution in this digital maps era 

A three chapters series to present a Point Cloud Open Source infrastructure built with PDAL and Entwine 

Five tips for designers that work with developers, and five tips back for devs that work with designers 

Applying deep learning techniques to urban planning and predicting cities evolution 

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