[Ráfaga]Nº1053: deep learning, qgis, gender, power lines, india

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Tue Mar 12 02:10:15 PDT 2019

N°1053: deep learning, qgis, gender, power lines, india

by Raf

Deep learning to decipher old historical texts opens new doors at the OCR industry 

A personal overview of the recent QGIS User Conference at A Coruña, with plenty of notes and links to slides and resources 

The gender gap at Germany goes up to 21%, being worse on the west side of the country 

Lidar, precise data analysis, and vision computer modules to maintain power lines and avoid problems with trees 

Famine and dearth in India at 1630 is a story map that covers Peter Mundy's trip and selected excerpts from his book Itinerari Mundi 

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