[Ráfaga]Nº1057: drawings, geostatistics, acoustics, trash, sugar free, maps

Jorge Sanz jsanz at cartodb.com
Wed Mar 20 04:13:26 PDT 2019

N°1057: drawings, geostatistics, acoustics, trash, sugar free, maps

by Raf

A historical GIS by the Russian Academy of Sciences geolocating geographic drawings 

A new book "Model-based Geostatistics for Global Public Health: Methods and Applications" on using Open Source for public health research 

Using GIS tools to understand acoustics for missing communities, the case for Pueblo Bonito (New Mexico) 

Urban mining in Málaga (Spain), getting profit from electronic trash 

A crowdsourced map of pharmacies that avoid selling homeopathy products in Spain 

A portal to extract maps from sites like Reddit and Wikipedia, ordered by users popularity and inbound traffic 

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