[Ráfaga] Nº1466: travelfromhome, southamerica, travelfromhome

Jorge Sanz xurxosanz at gmail.com
Wed Dec 9 13:49:07 PST 2020

Nº1466: travelfromhome, southamerica, travelfromhome

Wed, 09 Dec 2020 by Raf

* A literary travel agent recommends book sets matching your
destination. It shows locations and traveling routes from the selected
book set.


* South America integrated map (MIAS). A dataset from Geosur with
continuous, official, digital, standard, vector, fundamental and
reference geographic data at a scale of 1:250000 [ES]


* Virtual travel during pandemic days. Travel from home thanks to the
3D digitization of monuments and augmented reality #ar



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