[Ráfaga] Nº1519: educational, world, tourism

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Nº1519: educational, world, tourism

Wed, 24 Feb 2021 by Raf

* A set of software to create custom maps of the earth's surface with
thousands of color combinations, projections (Mercator, Gall-Peters,
Peirce Quincuncial and many more) and aspects. Educational material
designed for teaching


* The world map presented by Princeton as radically different is
nothing else than the reuse of the polar azimuthal equidistant
projection to show the northern and southern hemispheres separately


* The report "Tourist housing in the AMB (Barcelona Metropolitan
Area), 2020" provides data on the INE's (Spanish Institute of
Statistics) statistical operation on tourist housing in the 36
municipalities conformimg the AMB via ERA [CA]



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