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Davin Perkins davin at smartystreets.com
Thu Jan 7 13:43:34 PST 2021

Hi Rafagas,
I just subscribed to your geospatial links here:

Your list is huge and will be very helpful. Great work!

I was wondering if you would consider including https://SmartyStreets.com
in your list as we offer geocoding for most countries worldwide and
hyper-accurate rooftop geocoding and reverse geocoding in the US.  around
the world as well as address validation.

You can try out our single address tool here:
https://smartystreets.com/products/single-address which includes rooftop
geocoding and address validation.

We have a demo of our reverse geocoding API here:

Anyway, if you would consider adding us, we would appreciate it. If we
aren't a good fit, no worries.


Davin Perkins

Marketing | SmartyStreets
davin at smartystreets.com
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