[Ráfaga] Nº1702: fishing, satellite, orientation

Jorge Sanz xurxosanz at gmail.com
Mon Nov 22 02:13:52 PST 2021

Nº1702: fishing, satellite, orientation

Mon, 22 Nov 2021 by Raf

* Activities related to illegal fishing of the Chinese fleet composed
by 260 vessels in the Galápagos Islands EEZ in the summer of 2020
revealed through satellite monitoring


* Earth Blox facilitates effortless, code-free access to the power of
satellite intelligence with a drag & drop interface to explore the
range of information that Earth observation and GEE data can offer


* Orientation map generated collaboratively of Spain with a 1x1 km
mesh. It follows the example of the Finnish map using Lidar and vector
data opened by the IGN via @null [ES]



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