[Ráfaga] Nº1669: police, madrid, finland

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Wed Oct 6 07:17:09 PDT 2021

Nº1669: police, madrid, finland

Wed, 06 Oct 2021 by Raf

* Description of a computational approach to automate the creation of
more efficient hot spot police patrol routes, routes that are key to
improving interventions and reducing crime


* The integrated map of all of Madrid that includes buses, metro and
suburbs, with all the stops of all of them, can be downloaded in high
resolution PDF and is made by INAT, a Mapping and Wayfinding
consultancy via @JugCerovic


* Maanmittauslaitos, the cadastre of Finland, has updated the
topographic data production system using open source solutions once
its value has been demonstrated, and has opened a dialogue with other
public organizations with similar needs.



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