[Ráfaga] Nº1813: wrecks, transportation, maps

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Thu Apr 28 23:17:58 PDT 2022

Nº1813: wrecks, transportation, maps

Fri, 29 Apr 2022 by Raf

* The National Monuments Service's online catalog of wrecks in Ireland
shows 22% of the known location of the more than 18,000 shipwrecks
that make up the underwater cultural heritage


* A combination of a passion for transportation networks, data
visualization and electronics in the form of LED subway maps that are
illuminated with real-time data via WiFi


* An open repository of 282942 maps in GIF, PDF, CDR, SVG and WMF
format which, although protected by copyright, are modifiable and free
for any use, even commercial, under certain conditions.



web: https://geoinquiets.github.io/rafagas/
twitter: https://twitter.com/rafagaslinks

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