[Ráfaga] #1904: flat, rural, redonda

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#1904: flat, rural, redonda

Wed, 21 Sep 2022 by Raf

* Disinformation, conspiracy theories, tinfoil hats, freaks, attention
seekers, half-truths, and many other weirdities on this flat earth
magazine in Spanish. [ES]


* This 2022 rural atlas (PDF) continues the extensive work edited in
2009 and 2015 to understand the rural landscape in Catalonia. [CA]


* @AlvaroAnguix from gvSIG project has created a geoportal of the
Kingdom of Redonda (a small Caribbean Island) in honor its last king,
the writer Javier Marías, who passed away in September 2022 via
@vehrka [ES]



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