[Ráfaga] #2051: cities, superilla, airports

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Tue Apr 25 01:56:33 PDT 2023

#2051: cities, superilla, airports

Tue, 25 Apr 2023 by Raf

* "Designing futures with cities" (PDF) collects the results of two
seminars held at EPFL-ENAC by @300000kms which develop twenty
different views of the city of Geneva expressed through cartographic
and quantitative scenarios


* "SUPERILLA BARCELONA" (PDF) is the complete and rigorous history of
the superillas from their origin, passing through the experiences in
Poblenou and Sant Antoni and reaching the leap of scale of the green
axes as a model of transformation [CAT]


* Airports from all over the world, in a random selection, with an
oblique view and the situation map, as a pastime for the most



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