[Ráfaga] #2053: land, urban, water

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Thu Apr 27 12:21:42 PDT 2023

#2053: land, urban, water

Thu, 27 Apr 2023 by Raf

* Annual global land use/land cover (LULC) map derived from ESA
Sentinel-2 imagery at 10m resolution for 2017-2021 by Impact
Observatory with AI-assisted classification available on different


* A new computer vision-based method for counting people in millions
of street-level images to explore associations between urban people
density and characteristics of the urban environment


* In Windy you can see the 7-day forecast of many data, and among them
the moisture anomaly as water deficit in mm/inch by the soil column
provided by the Global Change Research Institute – CzechGlobe



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