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#2109: pg_tileserv, blender, itineraries

Mon, 17 Jul 2023 by Raf

* An open source project with a set of scripts to manage a world
database, using PostGIS and OSM data, to set up a custom map server
with pg_tileserv


* A brief introduction to using Blender to visualize GIS data, for
those experienced with raster and GIS manipulation, to create a 3D map
with realistic lighting and textures


* An itinerary generator to visit foreign cities, more or less known,
and take exotic holidays without leaving mainland France with the list
of 200 namesake cities of French municipalities [FR]


Translated by Isaac, Jaume, Jorge, and Wladimir

web: https://geoinquiets.github.io/rafagas/
twitter: https://twitter.com/rafagaslinks
mastodon: https://en.osm.town/@rafagaslinks
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