[Ráfaga] #2150: bioregions, training, toponymy

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#2150: bioregions, training, toponymy

Wed, 04 Oct 2023 by Raf

* One Earth introduces a new biogeographic framework called Bioregions
2023, which delineates 185 discrete bioregions organized within the
world's major biogeographic realms that can be explored with an
interactive browser


* The platform for training resources in the Sants neighborhood in
Barcelona is a collaborative tool to view information about courses,
training, workshops and organizations around the social and solidarity
economy [CA]


* The "Nomenclátor Geográfico Nacional" is a dynamic register of place
names that recognizes official geographically referenced names of
toponymy to be used in official cartography [ES]


Translated by Isaac, Jaume, Jorge, and Wladimir

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