GRASS incubation status report

Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at
Wed Aug 16 10:05:43 EDT 2006

we have been chatting with Markus regarding GRASS incubation. One issue 
is that GRASS developers do not really see much leverage coming out of 
OSGeo that would bring them any good. Thus their stimulus on getting 
going it rather low (resulting in a somewhat absurd appearing mountain 
of hundreds of messages on this topic).

A short intro to GRASS PSC activities (Arnulf's very PPOV[1]):
They are an anarchic flock of nerds in the best sense that you can 
imagine. They sit on a project that is twenty years old, survived 
several brutal changes, years floating around aimlessly in the internet 
and it still ticks. They have MarkusN which is about the best that could 
happen to them and they are happy with it as it is.

So OSGeo will need to flex some muscles and show that yes we do make 
sense in order to make GRASS people adhere to some of the changes that 
might get induced by incubating.

Markus has all the stuff prepared and ready to dump a large amount of 
geodata into a repository (connects to Geodata committee). He just needs 
a number cruncher which is available at SAC. Once this is done it might 
show the nascent/non-existent/virtual GRASS PSC that they can make good 
use of OSGeo and that it makes sense to consider the formation of a PSC 
- or come up with a useful alternative.

Action item: SAC to give MarkusN credentials to access one of the blade 
servers to get going.

Once that is done Geodata has more geodata to add to their repository.

Once that is done the Software Projects have geodata to stick into the 
Software Stack.

Action Item: SAC to give accounts to the projects leads (or some 
appointed administrator) to install their projects.

Action Item EduCom: Document what MarkusN, SAC and the projects did and 
compile it in the FreeGIS Book.

Action Item WebCom: Point to the FreeGIS Book, software stack, geodata 
repository, make it accessible and look really good.

Action Item All: Kick Seven in her well formed ass and tell her that 
things aint so easy[2].

Best Regards.

[1] PPOV = Personal Point of View

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