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Sun Jun 25 00:05:00 EDT 2006


I have been trying to keep track of what systems are what at:

HJG, is a Solaris system?  Is it also used for a bunch
of non-osgeo telascience work?  There was some uncertainty between
Howard and Norman how it is setup.  If you could update the wiki page
I would appreciate it.

I discussed what should go on what system a bit with nhv and hobu in irc,
and there seemed to be general agreement that:

  o We shouldn't be putting much else on the ldap master.
  o We likely don't want to setup too much complicated stuff on Solaris.
  o We need to have svn on the same system as an Apache server since svn
    is normally/best run under apache.

So, I am thinking that we would use the Fedora Core 4 general purpose system
at for svn/apache.  One downside is that there is already quite
a bit of OSGeo "stack" software installed on this system, mostly by John (HJG)
I think, presumably with the intent that it would be our "demo stack" system.

Well, the "demo stack" system really needs to provide shell access to a
fairly broad number of developers (ie. those in the shell group), while I
would be *inclined* to think that our SVN server ought to be more secure and
only provide shell access to those in the administrator group.  Thus a bunch
of setup work would be wasted.

I would note that HJG is working on setting up an FC4 buildbot main system,
though I believe he has run into some problems with DHCP.

In the quite near future, I can see us wanting to deploy:

  o A LDAP server (likely on it's own for security reasons).
  o A "demo stack" system with lots of our packages built, a postgis database,
    etc that we could use for stuff like the user spatial database and
    wms/wcs access to some geodata committee datasets.
  o An SVN server (several svn instances actually)
  o A plone system (though I think we need to have some serious discussions
    within and outside of SAC about whether we are going to try and use
    plone as the CMS for
  o A buildbot master system.

Some of these things can be put on one system, but I think we need to
distinguish between services that need to be very secure (LDAP),
fairly secure, and well backed up (SVN, Plone) and stuff that can be a
bit more loosy-goosey (demo stack, builtbot).

One thing I am wondering is if there is any sort of virtualization
technology we ought to be considering to keep distinct system
configurations for difference services without need a lot of
physical systems.

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