Geodata Committee Meeting this week, Thursday 1500UTC

Jo Walsh jo at
Mon Jun 26 21:11:24 EDT 2006

dear Geodata Committee and associates, 

It's about time we had another Geodata Committee meeting. I'd like
that to be this Thursday, 1500 UTC (16BST, 17EU, 11EST, 8PST)

Up for discussion this week is next steps on setting up a public
geodata repository at telascience, now that the System Administration 
gang are getting into a position to offer accounts and/or make
installation efforts. is a skeleton for
what we agreed on as a basic set of data services; I moved the
discussion from the page into the talk page. I'd like this to be an
ongoing spec for what is at telascience that we can refer others to.

Please add anything else you'd like to discuss to the meeting page.



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