Platform for FOSSGIS demos on e-governance in India

jitendra jituviju at
Fri Oct 27 11:57:05 EDT 2006

I am an active member of the OSGEO India chapter and chair of the Software
Development Committee .
My team (indictrans , an informal group) has been working on some proofs of
concept applications in use of GIS for real life problems . More details
have been discussed on osgeo discuss mailing list and any further
clarification will be provided whereever needed.
I wish to put up these demos on the server of osgeo.

Our applications developed using

   - PHP 4.4.2
   - PostgreSql 8.1.0
   - Postgis 1.1
   - Mapserver 4.6.2
   - MySql 4.0.24
   - POSTGIS 1.1.1
   - GEOS 2.2.1
   - PROJ 4.4.9
   - Linux - Debian distro

and data is around 3-4 GB.
Swapnil Hajare ( dreamil at ) will be maintaining this demo site.

This is to request to make this arrangement.

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