[SAC] fgs overview of what is completed

shawn barnes sbarnes at dmsolutions.ca
Fri Apr 27 13:58:20 EDT 2007


This is clipped out of notes that i've been taking,
I have more details for each element - what files where changed/created
that i could add.  not sure on how much detail is needed. or if you need
more of an overview.



Mapguide FGS packaging

Requirements for fgs-mapguide: default fdo-3.2.0 install.

Tasks completed:

Change fgs Apache version to 2.0.59
Change fgs PHP version to 5.0.5
Modify build and install scripts for Apache and PHP
Fdo fgs-dev install scripts
Mapguide fgs-dev build and install scripts
Fgs-mapguide-base module

Directory layout of the mapguide fgs module is:

                  |        |-Packages/
                  |        |-Repositories/
                  |        |-Resources/
                  |        |-Schema/
                  |        |-Temp
                  |        |-Trash/
                  |        |-Wfs/
                  |        |-Wms/
                  |        |-bin/
                  |        |-lib
                  |       |-proj

The result is:

fgs can install the mapguide module into the fgs environment including
all it's dependencies and the setup of mapguide environment, php.ini,
and apache.conf environment

php extensions dir is ~/fgs/apps/mapguide/webserverextensions/lib


~/fgs/apps/mapguide/server/bin/mgserver.sh set the fgs mapguide
environment and runs

Tasks uncompleted:
Automating fdo fgs install
Create init scripts to start the mgserver when fgs is started.
Create required.list to better automate the fgs install command

error when loading libphp_MgMapGuideApi.so into php
/path/to/php5: symbol lookup error: /path/to/libMgMapGuideCommon.so.7:
undefined symbol: _ZN12MgDisposableD2Ev

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