[SAC] svnsync

Howard Butler hobu.inc at gmail.com
Tue Dec 11 22:02:21 EST 2007

A number of months ago, Frank filed a ticket for using svnsync:


I spent a little time this afternoon investigating what is required to  
get this going, and it turns out there is absolutely nothing we need  
to do on osgeo1 to support this.  I propose that we stand up mirrors  
of all osgeo repositories on a TelaScience blade, and have them do  
their sync every three hours.  Additionally, I propose that we stop  
doing daily full dumps on osgeo1 and incremental svn dumps on osgeo1.

These can be done on a mirror if we still want them, but they generate  
a lot of load on osgeo1, and we are looking to offload some of our  
static backup costs.

I will coordinate this effort and report back when it is done.  No  
action should be required on osgeo1, and there will be no outage  
(planned ones, anyway ;) )


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