[SAC] Backups - Especially osgeo1 Mysql for Drupal

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Wed Dec 12 10:25:37 EST 2007


I did a bit of a skim of our backups on osgeo1, and I'm not seeing any
current backups being done for the mysql databases.  These are most obviously
used for the Drupal instances (osgeo, grass, fdo and mapguide).  It seems there
was some sort of zrm (Zmanda) backups being done for mysql at one point, but
it seems it was commented out of /etc/cron.d/backup.cron at some point.

It is a bit hard to figure out what is what with regard to backups, so I have
taken the liberty of extracting the backup portion out of the Migration
Documentation wiki page Shawn wrote, and setting it up as SAC:Backups:


I also updated it slightly, and referenced it from the SAC Service Status

I have taken the liberty of filing a ticket on the mysql backup issue.
Shawn - perhaps you would be willing to get the zrm stuff going again
and confirm the backups are solid?

In general I think our backup handling is lax/confused/unmonitored and
a review would be good.  The wiki is an example of an important service
that is not being backed up as far as I know.

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