Backups -- Re: [SAC] Re: svnsync

Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo) tmitchell at
Thu Dec 27 16:49:23 EST 2007

On 27-Dec-07, at 11:10 AM, Howard Butler wrote:
> The subversion dumps should no longer be needed as part of the  
> backup(s), and it hopefully will free up the space to get us under  
> the wire.  Shawn and Tyler, can you guys take care of trimming the  
> full dump svn stuff as part of the peer1 backup purging?

Okay, I think I follow but really I don't understand all the systems  
we have running and this is part of a pretty big picture.  I'd much  
rather have other SAC folks prepare a list of what folders we do and  
do not need backed up, then we can submit a ticket to PEER1.

Regarding SVN.. what has changed - i.e. what folders do we not need  
backed up anymore?  Also, which other folders should we be asking to  
specifically backup?  Can I please leave this to SAC to figure this  
out and then tell me what the plan is so I can help make sure it gets  
communicated back to PEER1?

Otherwise all I can think of is backing up /var/www which is the main  
part I know best ;-)

Best wishes,

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