[SAC] OSGeo SAC Surge Day

Howard Butler hobu at iastate.edu
Wed Feb 7 21:26:24 EST 2007

Shawn (and any others who can participate),

I propose that this Friday, February 9th be SAC Surge Day.  I propose  
that we collaborate on IRC in #telascience (we don't want logging of  
somewhat sensitive things, or disrupt normal #osgeo discussion)  
during the day.  If we can get these four items done, we'll have made  
a great day:

1) True virtual hosts for everything.  I have a framework of what to  
do done for Trac, and I know how I want to layout Subversion's Apache  
config (a little different than currently -- files stay in the same  
spot though).  We need to identify what we need to respond to and  
anybody else can just be forwarded to the main website.  If there is  
a list of priorities from the CN days, that would be great.  The web  
of aliases and rewrites we've woven is not sustainable and merely  
prolongs our misery.

2) Get a real SSL cert.  Our CN cert expires on 2/24/07 anyway.  I  
propose that Tyler handle the money side, with Shawn and I handling  
the implementation (key generation, installation, testing).  After  
up, I will handle making LDAP allow SSL binding with it (a critical  
component for TelaScience integration).

3)  Yank our wildcard DNS.  This goes in line with item #1.

4)  Migrate subversion to FSFS or do a hand-build of Subversion with  
a new BDB (looks like we're using a pretty old one ... I propose 4.4  
instead of the 4.2 that we're currently using).  This might even be  
priority number one, as our subversion issues are causing a lot of  

I propose that we put tickets in OSGeo's Trac for each of these  
items, and follow the implications and issues with each in there.

Shawn, will this work with your schedule?  We'd need to send out some  
notification emails to folks to let them know there would be some  
disruptions on Friday if we do undertake this event.


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