[SAC] LDAP Management Progress

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Mon Feb 12 02:40:43 EST 2007


I have written two simple forms driven python scripts to provide some
minimum level of LDAP management:

The first lets you do simple searches against the ldap database to find
peoples userid.  This is necessary to assign Trac bugs to them, add them
to svn groups and so forth.  The search is case insensitive against the
cn (common name) field.  If no hit is found, it also searches against the
userid and then the email address.  I deliberately avoid showing the
email address in the result as I think it may be a privacy concern:


I think it would be reasonable to require an authenticated user to do
the ldap_web_search.py.

The second script is for creating new users in LDAP.  It does only some
minimal validation of inputs it does no email confirmation or anything
similar.  So it could definitely be abused.


I believe Howard is going to use ScriptAlias or something like that to
give these more generic urls.

The forms exhibit my 1995 style cgi programming and styling skills.  I don't
intend they be our *permanent* solution, but we have a pressing need for
something now.

Action items:
  o Howard to scriptalias them.
  o Add appropriate links to the new user script from the main drupal page

Note, these do *not* fulfill the "new member application" requirement, as for
that we need to collect quite a bit of additional information.  At the very
least a mailing address and hopefully a lat/long location.  We are lacking
a nice interface for managing project groups.  For instance, I'd like a
simple form for project leads to add/remove/review the folks in their svn
groups.  We also need a form for users to update their info (like email,
full name).

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