[SAC] LDAP Management Progress

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Mon Feb 12 16:29:16 EST 2007

Tyler Mitchell wrote:
> On 11-Feb-07, at 11:40 PM, Frank Warmerdam wrote:
>> Note, these do *not* fulfill the "new member application" requirement, 
>> as for
>> that we need to collect quite a bit of additional information.  At the 
>> very
>> least a mailing address and hopefully a lat/long location.  We are 
>> lacking
>> a nice interface for managing project groups.  For instance, I'd like a
>> simple form for project leads to add/remove/review the folks in their svn
>> groups.  We also need a form for users to update their info (like email,
>> full name).
> Do you think the new user form should be a bit more hidden until we have 
> our broader member management application ready?  I'm just thinking that 
> we could get a bit carried away letting people make their own accounts 
> without some more structure.  I seek WebCom approval before creating a 
> new translator user account, but now anyone can create a basic account 
> regardless of approval.


I'm not sure why we should hold bad on people creating accounts for
themselves as long as we don't give them any unusual priveledges by
default.  There was nothing holding people back from adding themselves
on CollabNet for instance.

I do see getting an OSGeo userid as being distinct from becoming an
OSGeo Member but I don't see any reason (yet) that we shouldn't let
people get accounts now.

I have deliberately avoided publicising it too widely yet till we
are a bit more comfortable.  But I'm hoping we can start listing it
on the main drupal portal page, off the various Trac instances, and so
forth shortly.

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