[SAC] Host for MapGuide and Interoperability Work

Robert Bray rbray at robertbray.net
Mon Feb 12 18:30:32 EST 2007

I'll want to install MapGuide, PostGIS, GeoTools, and probably a 
GeoServer instance, none of which by themselves require a significant 
amount of space. So the sample data is the only real variable, however I 
do not think I would need more than 3-5 GB of space for the software and 
a handful of smallish data sets. Obviously if we go crazy with data for 
these demos that could grow...


Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> Robert Bray wrote:
>> I have some requirements for a public server and I am wondering if it 
>> would be possible to allocate a Telescience blade or portion of one to 
>> satisfy them. In particular the machine would be used to:
>> 1. Host MapGuide sample applications for mapguide.osgeo.org.
>> 2. Develop interoperability demos with other members of the community 
>> for some upcoming talks/workshops. In particular a MapGuide / GeoTools 
>> / GeoServer interop demo for Location Intelligence (April) and a 
>> MapGuide / PostGIS / uDIG workshop at GeoTec (May).
> Bob,
> How much disk space do you think you would need?  The blades have rather
> modest amounts of disk space.  If your needs aren't to high a "half" of
> a server like shell.telascience.org might do.
> Best regards,

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