[SAC] RE: FW: [FOSS4G2007-Workshops] liveCD

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Sat Feb 24 08:38:45 EST 2007

Thank you John

I've updated our liveCd page with the link to your repo.

First feed backs are coming, ex:
This is cool! What is the timeframe for a regular release?  I use the
foss4g2006 laussane cd for my gis classes.  Where you part of the
developer of the lausanne cd?
I'm currently downloading right now.

Can you add:
gpsbabel (qgis gps plugin and v.in.babel requires this)
josm (for OSM)

custom sample data:
I can make a sample data for the Philippines

How can I help?


Really don't know if he's using the GDF liveCD or one of ours.

anyway gpsbabel will be added

other Josm, I have to admit my great admiration for OSM, but we have  to 
decide if we want a Java stack liveCD different from the C and derivates 
in this way we'll have 2 Desktop liveCD and 2 Server LiveCD.

what's your opinion?


John Graham wrote:
> Hi all
> I have made copies 
> http://telascience.sdsc.edu/tela_data/foss4g/ominiverdi/ let me know 
> what you want and I can tweek :)
> We are getting 1.6TB more storage on the blades so I can start mirroring 
> these on the servers that have OSGeo user access.. so it will be easy to 
> manage...
> John
> Jason Birch wrote:
>>> John Graham already helped us for our first releases
>>> http://telascience.sdsc.edu/tela_data/foss4g/ominiverdi/ 
>>> <http://telascience.sdsc.edu/tela_data/foss4g/ominiverdi/> but we see 
>>> it's not that easy to update and we don't
>>> want to leave dozen of testing liveCD around.
>> I was thinking of something more like a real mirror of your downloads 
>> directory than something that you would have to maintain with manual 
>> uploads.
>> This kind of 'ready-to-roll' open source geospatial stack is a _core_ 
>> requirement for OSGeo, and I think that we need to support the work 
>> that you guys are doing as much as possible.
>> Jason
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