[SAC] SVN group for Spanish Book

Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo) tmitchell at osgeo.org
Tue Jun 26 14:40:47 EDT 2007

On 26-Jun-07, at 10:56 AM, Jason Birch wrote:

> I personally really don't want to see this kind of complex permissions
> structure in place.  We need to start from a position of trust.  If  
> this
> system is abused:
> - We can re-evaluate our approach
> - We always have SVN history to go back to

Two issues are being mixed up here...

1 - Administrative overhead - it seems that from a systems admin  
perspective it is prohibitive to implement or maintain.   If this is  
the case, then SAC can say no, or we can find the methods or tools we  
need to get it done.  What we have right now are some administrators  
of parts of the osgeo svn that want to partition access control.  At  
present there are only 3 or 4 projects that really need this.  I  
can't see it growing much more than that.

2 - Management need - This isn't about trust, it's about managing a  
logical organisation between several projects that are largely  
unrelated.  It's more about empowering management groups of these  
projects to care for their areas and not be responsible for others.

In my mind, leaving it is as strange as having mapguide, fdo,  
geodata, openlayers, journal and gdal all in the same repository.   
Will future software projects be put into the osgeo repository?  Who  
administers these permissions across all projects?  I think you get  
the point.  Having spanish book authors with full access to the web  
site theme subfolder (and vice-versa) doesn't make sense to me.

At this point there are very few people actually using this  
repository, but I believe it is better to think ahead than to deal  
with consequences later.

Gary - do you have any tips you can share?  Can we look at how you  
have been doing this with QGIS - has it been a burden?

The group permissions tool we've had so far has been working great,  
but as far as I can tell we just need a couple more groups.

I won't belabour the point, but just wanted to lay out my thought  
process :)


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