[SAC] SVN group for Spanish Book

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Wed Jun 27 09:40:05 EDT 2007

Hi all, thank for opening up this debate.

I'll tell you some informations as a snapshot of the Spanish book 

I've finally received by zip the work of Victor Olaya.
I've personally uploaded it to OSGeo SVN:

as CIA report I've uploaded  314 file:
CIA-31: osgeo: ominiverdi * r369 /book/ (314 files in 36 dirs): Spanish 
Book. Submitting Volaya's work

the cool part is the quality of his work. if you have time you can have 
a look to the PDF version:

there are actually 6-7 persons that can now start to add their 
contributions to this book.
we will work ofline until we will not solve the User Group for SVN issue.

We will naturally stick to any decision SAC would choose about this issue.
In my opinion, I still think that book writing will call many editors in 
the future; or at least we all should hope this.
That's why I would like to create a different group of users for book 
I have not a clear idea about allowing editors to be automatically 
working in book and  journal.

As I've nominated Victor I would like to make a brief introduction to him:
He's the one who's leadering the Spanish Book initiative from the 
beginning and he's the man who created most of Sextante and integrated 
it to gvSIG the last week. Sextante integration add a lots of raster 
functions to gvSIG. A massive update.
I had the pleasure to meet in in Girona at the first Spanish FOSS4G 
meeting. He's been actively involved starting up the Spanish Chapter and 
the Spanish Book.


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